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The Dutch Beer Institute offers grant for research proposal on beer and health

The Dutch Beer Institute Beer offers a grant of € 5,000, - for research that focuses on responsible alcohol/beer consumption in a healthy lifestyle. Students, PhD students and postdocs from colleges and universities across Europe can submit a research proposal. The research should focus on biomedical, psychosocial and nutritional aspects of responsible beer consumption. Also, non-alcoholic beer can be the topic of interest. Students enrolled at a college or university in Europe, in the area of nutrition, biology, clinical medicine, social, behavioural or business studies, can compete for the grant.
Selection process
The scientific board of the Dutch Beer Institute nominates three initial research proposals (maximum one A4) to write a more detailed proposal before December 10th 2016. The final decision on who wins the grant, will be taken by three members of the scientific committee of the Beer and Health Initiative.
Gaps in knowledge
"The Dutch Beer Institute wants to separate myths from facts when it comes to responsible beer consumption and health. There are still gaps in scientific knowledge and research is therefore necessary. Through this grant, we want to encourage young scientists to do research in this direction.", explains dr Aafje Sierksma, Director The Dutch Beer Institute.
An initial research proposal (maximum one A4) may be submitted until November 1 2016.
More information and submission
Download Flyer (PDF)